Actionable Insights from Google Analytics

Squid Sense provides recommendations from Google Analytics.
Focus on getting things done, not interpreting data.

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What is Squid Sense?

Squid Sense is an intelligence platform that helps website owners expand their digital footprint.

Squid Sense Intelligence

Our proprietary algorithm combined with artificial intelligence  and machine learning analyzes your web analytics data to understand visitor behavior patterns.

Squid Sense Insights

We provide actionable insights and recommendations to help you get started on optimizing your online presence right away.

Intelligence that brings out the best

We believe in creating opportunities for passionate innovators.

Generate More Leads

Optimizing your conversion funnel will ensure you generate more leads.

Increase Revenue & Sales

Convert leads into sales and add more numbers to your bottom line.

Growing Online Businesses

Knowing the cause of a low conversion rate, will help us help you grow.

About Us
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Small Team but big in Vision

We are a group of passionate individuals who immerse themselves in getting the problems solved and bring you results.
Krinal Mehta
Krinal Mehta

The Analytics Squid

He loves analyzing chunks of data all day long resulting in strategies that can grow a brand multi-folds.

Akash Tripathi
Akash Tripathi

The Marketing Squid

He loves trying out new marketing strategies that accelerates business growth.

Ravi Veliyat
Ravi Veliyat

The Tech Squid

He has a keen eye for the technicality of things and always is ready to try out new technologies and implement those to perfection so that Squid Sense is always ahead of the curve.

Our Team

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